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North Korea Makes Highly Personal Appeal to Donald Trump While Slamming His Domestic Opponents

In a further sign that in spite of its putative isolation the DPRK (North Korea) has mastered the skilful art of perception management through diplomatic means, an official newspaper has published an editorial which  praises Donald Trump’s post-Singapore summit attitude towards Pyongyang while lambasting some of Trump’s most hated domestic […]

Duterte’s Vow to Protect Filipino Hostages in Libya Indicates That Piracy, Narco-Trafficking and Terrorism Should be The Focus of The Armed Forces

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte recently approved a military budget increase which will see a 9% rise in funding for the armed forces over a five year period. Duterte will spend a total of $15 billion on new military hardware, which compares favourably to his predecessor Noynoy Aquino who spent only $1.9 […]

The Russia-Korean Transport Corridor is A Matter of “When” Rather Than “If”

Officials from both Korean states have met at the Peace House in Panmunjom to discuss a trans-Korean rail link that would also link-up with Russia’s Trans-Siberian Railway to create a substantial transport corridor. Russian engineers have already begun preliminary construction of a modern highway linking Russia’s eastern regions to the border […]