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It’s Official, “Israel” Is Now A Joint Russian-American Protectorate

Far from the seemingly “invincible” player that the Western Mainstream Media has propagandistically portrayed it as for years, “Israel” is actually so weak right now and extra vulnerable to Iranian-initiated destabilization operations that the New Cold War Great Power rivals of the US and Russia are putting their many differences […]

Those Conspiring Against Good China-Philippines Relations Are Committing National Homicide

China’s Ambassador to the Philippines Xiao Jinhua has remarked on a recent provocation in Manila when agitators hung banners from bridges reading “welcome to The Philippines, province of China”. The banners unfurled on the two year anniversary of a UN arbitration ruling in favour of The Philippines regarding South China Sea […]

The Fethullah Terror Organisation May be Largely Defeated in Turkey, But Internationally The Group Poses a Graver Danger Than Ever Before

The 15th of July 2016 marked the zenith of the Fethullah Terror Organisation’s (FETO) power. It was then that FETO elements who have infiltrated major state institutions including the army attempted to wage a lawless coup against the legitimate president and government of Turkey. Since then, the government has worked to […]

Bashar al-Assad Has Become The Invisible Man to Commentators on the Putin-Trump Press Conference

Reactions from the first ever Putin-Trump press conference have been all too predictable with the following narratives being offered from those coming from various editorial and ideological viewpoints. Liberal/mainstream media reaction This group of individuals both in a professional and social media capacity have been quick to criticise the press […]

Israel, Korean Peace, Disliking Hillary Clinton and Football/Soccer: The Four Things on Which Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump Agree

Russian President Vladimir Putin has met with US President Donald Trump in Helsinki, marking the first formal summit between the two leaders outside of the sidelines of international conferences, namely the G20 and the APEC summits last year. After a short greeting before the press in which the Russian President […]

After Key China-Russia-Iran-Pakistan Meeting, Moscow Official Says Taliban Control 50% of Afghanistan

Mapping the Taliban  Last week saw a historic meeting in Islamabad between the intelligence chiefs of China, Russia, Pakistan and Iran. While the details of the meeting were not disclosed beyond statements implying that counter-terrorism was a dominating theme, it is a safe assumption that the war in Afghanistan was […]