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Croatian Footballer Who Chanted Far Right Ukrainian Slogan in Russia is Neither Fined Nor Suspended

The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) has made a controversial decision to neither fine nor suspend Croatian footballer Domagoj Vida who shouted a slogan in a selfie video made in Sochi after his team’s victory over the Russian team. During a widely circulated video Domagoj Vida shouted a slogan that is […]

Market Socialism With Islamic Revolutionary Characteristics: How to Save Today’s Iran From The Fate of The Shah

Parallels ignored at the peril of Iranian patriots  When looking at the present socio-economic conditions of Iran, one cannot help but recognise eerie parallels between 2018 and 1979. There runs a grave risk that some of the factors which initially led to the end of the Iranian monarchy in 1979 […]

This 4th of July – Let’s Celebrate America’s Pragmatism While Condemning Washington’s Zero-Sum Mentality

History has often been plagued by irrational leaders, irrational cultures and irrational nations. While the US is often derided in these terms, this is thankfully not the case. Based simply on the sheer firepower which the US superpower possesses, the world as we know it would have likely already been […]