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Trump’s Reported Support of Tommy Robinson is Symptomatic of a New Reality in US-European Relations

Although curtly denied by the US State Department, multiple reports have emerged stating that the US Ambassador for International Religious Freedom, former Republican Senator Sam Brownback voiced his concerns regarding Britain’s treatment of prisoner Tommy Robinson during a meeting with the UK Ambassador to Washington, just weeks prior to Donald Trump’s visit […]

The Government Sponsored Torture of Julian Assange Will be Remembered With The Shame Felt Regarding The Ill-Treatment of Alan Turing

Dr. Alan Turing was a pioneer of computer science and the man that many regard as the forefather of modern artificial intelligence. Touring’s work in the early 20th century was so far ahead of his time that much of his methodology remains studied even by those working on modern supercomputers that […]

The “Free Tommy Robinson” Protesters in London Were Making a Counterintuitive Argument for Britain to Remain in the EU

Yesterday in central London, a group of allegedly 20,000 people gathered to march, chant slogans and listen to speeches demanding the release from prison of the anti-Islam “activist” Tommy Robinson. The full details of the Robinson scandal are explained in a piece which can be read here. While withholding any […]

Trump Drops JCPOA – Now Russia Must Deescalate a Proxy War Against Iran in Syria While the EU Must Work to Preserve Deal Without US Involvement

Donald Trump has just announced US withdrawal from the JCPOA, the 2015 deal in which Iran offered full inspections of its nuclear energy production and research facilities in exchange for a relaxation of sanctions. In the years since, America has continued to level other forms of sanctions on Iran while […]

Alleged US Defunding of White Helmets Isn’t a Mea Culpa – Trump is Just Passing the Cost To The True Believers

Unconfirmed reports have suggested that the US government is to cut its funding to the White Helmets, an infamous group operating in Syria that stands accused of faking multiple “chemical attacks” in order to generate support for pro-Takfiri strikes against the Syrian Arab Republic. First of all, the nature of […]