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Pro-Palestine Activists Have Fallen Into a US Trap by Provoking South East Asian, African and Latin American Nations

When Guatemala followed the United States and moved its Embassy to “Israel” from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem/Al-Quds, there was palpable indignation among the pro-Palestinian on-line activist community. But in an age where open economic bribery from both Washington and Tel Aviv was the clear motivational factor behind Guatemala’s move, one […]

Russia, along with all of Asia, Africa and Latin America Stand Totally Vindicated in Skripal Debacle

The illogical case that London along with its occasional European partners and the United States advanced regarding the alleged poisoning of retired UK spy of Russian origin Sergey Spripal and his daughter, has always been literally unbelievable in the wider world. Now that scientists at the UK’s own chemical weapons […]

Palestine Embraces Multipolarity – Invites China To Broker Multiparty Peace Deal

Patriotic Palestinians have long known that the US had no genuine intentions to neutrally broker a fair peace deal, but under Donald Trump, the silent reality behind America’s pro-Zionist position has become blatant and undeniable, even among the most naive Palestinian politicians. Trump’s recognition of Al-Quds/Jerusalem as the capital of […]