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Russia’s Latest Investment In Saudi Arabia Continues To Shift Balance of Power In The Middle East Away From US

With little fanfare, Russia and Saudi Arabia have reached an agreement wherein Moscow will invest in the forthcoming IPO of Aramco, the state-owned Saudi energy giant that is about to go public. Early indications are that Russian investors will purchase substantial shares of the 5% of Aramco’s total public value […]

Southern Transitional Council Leader Al-Zubaidi Visits Saudi Arabia and UAE As Hadi Is Reduced To Yemen’s Figurehead

This month has seen the consolidation of power in the de-facto “South Yemen” capital of Aden, by the Southern Transitional Council (STC), a party which seeks to restore the statehood of South Yemen based on its pre-1990 borders. Street clashes in Aden by the STC aligned Southern Resistance Movement’s fighters, […]

Houthis Call for National Dialogue In Yemen, As Southern Transitional Council Makes Further Gains

Yesterday evening, the official Twitter account of Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi, the leader of Yemen’s Ansar Allah movement (aka the Houthis), issued a call for a resumption of national dialogue in preparation for new Yemen wide elections. نحن مع العودة لطاولة الحواروتشكيل لجنة مصالحةوطنيه والاحتكام لصندوق الانتخابات لانتخاب رئيس وبرلمان يمثل كل […]