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What “Moral Obligation” Did Russia Have To Not Sell S-300s To Syria?

Lavrov’s remark about how Russia no longer has a “moral obligation” to refrain from selling its S-300 anti-air defense systems to Syria has caused serious confusion among the ranks of the Alt-Media Community who don’t quite understand what he meant.  The “Moral Obligation” The Alt-Media Community celebrated Russia’s announcement that […]

US Designs on Armenia Have Even More to Do With Washington’s Hatred of Iran Than its Hatred of Russia

Few self-described ‘domestic uprisings’ can be viewed in isolation. As the world becomes ever more inter-connected, there are almost always multiple geopolitical angles. Such is the case with the current unrest in Armenia that has seen self-described “opposition leader” Nikol Pashinyan mobilise protesters calling for the ouster of Serzh Sargsyan. Insofar as […]

The Balkans, Once a Battlefield Between Russia and Turkey is Now a Battle Field Between Turkey and the USA

Almost every Muslim majority state or region in the Balkans is now home to schools and so-called ‘charitable institutions’ associated with the Fethullah Terrorist Organisation (FETO). From Bosnia and Albania to parts of Macedonia (aka FYROM) and the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, FETO’s presence is  widely known and unlike some […]

“Israel” Spreads Very Fake News About Possible Delivery of Russian S-300s to Syria

After the recent tripartite aggression against Syria committed by the US, UK and France, which itself came shortly after an illegal act of “Israeli” aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic, Russian officials, including Foreign Minister Sergey Lavorv stated that Russia is considering delivering Russia’s second most powerful missile defence system, […]