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Three American Zionists Expect Palestine To Trust Them In Shambolic Display at United Nations

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has spoken before the United Nations Security Council, affirming the view that an international peace conference must be held in order to re-start the long stalled “Israel-Palestine Peace Process”. In his speech, Abbas did more than merely challenge the US position in the Middle East but he […]

Venezuela’s “El Petro” Has Raised $732 Million As President Maduro Vows to Take On “Superman” – the US Dollar

Venezuela’s new oil backed cryptocurrency, has raised over $735 million in less than 24 hours of a public pre-sale. The new cryptocurrency which will be pegged to the South American nation’s vast oil reserves looks to change the game in both the world of US sanctions and the international crypto […]

The United States and India – United Against Islam, United In Open Defecation

In spite of government efforts to alleviate the crisis, India’s hygiene problems continue to grow. The problem’s most visible manifestation is the prevalence of so-called open deification, a term used to connote the human evacuation of faeces outside of a normal sanitary toilet facility – aka public defecation. This process […]

Russia’s New Outlook On Libya: Foreign Intervention Was Bad But Gaddafi’s Overthrow Was An Internal Affair

The two-day conference on “Russia in the Middle East: Playing on all Fields” that was hosted by Russia’s elite Valdai Club saw the annunciation of a strikingly new policy towards Libya, one which replaces Moscow’s previous stance of condemning Gaddafi’s ouster with “pragmatically” “accepting” it as an internal affair. Lev […]