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Bashar al-Assad Has Become The Invisible Man to Commentators on the Putin-Trump Press Conference

Reactions from the first ever Putin-Trump press conference have been all too predictable with the following narratives being offered from those coming from various editorial and ideological viewpoints. Liberal/mainstream media reaction This group of individuals both in a professional and social media capacity have been quick to criticise the press […]

Does Anybody Really Believe That Iran’s “Advisors” Are Unarmed Non-Combatants?

The controversy over Iranian “advisors” in Syria and their actual battlefield function is nothing more than a word game designed to delay the “phased withdrawal” of Tehran’s forces. The US, “Israel”, and even Russia have called for the withdrawal of Iranian troops from Syria, albeit for different reasons and expressed […]

Syrian President Assad Plans to Visit Kim Jong-un. The Timing of This Announcement is Crucial

Syria has long been the DPRK’s (North Korea) closest ally in the Arab world. Beginning in 1970, Syrian President Hafez Al-Assad developed a close relationship with DPRK founder and head of state Kim Il-sung as both leaders secured a close trans-regional partnership. The friendship continues to this day with recent […]

The Putin-Assad Summit In Sochi Proved That “Balancing” Yields Results

Russia’s “balancing” strategy was vindicated yesterday after the Syrian President came to Sochi and announced his country’s full participation in the post-Daesh constitutional revisionism process. Restoring The “Balance” President Putin’s feting of “Israeli” “Prime Minister” Benjamin Netanyahu as his guest of honor during last week’s Victory Day celebrations shocked many […]