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The Philippine House Sub-Committee Proposals For a Federal-Parliamentary System Are Superior to The Alternatives

Days after the Consultative Committee (CC) published proposals for Constitutional reform in The Philippines that would see the country retain its US style presidential system in a federalised nation, a more wide reaching reform package put together by a Sub-Committee of the House of Representatives offers the nation a clearer […]

Duterte Did Not Apologise to Brother Eddie – He Merely Reaffirmed His Long Standing Views on God and Faith

Multiple media outlets are falsely reported that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte “apologised” for his recent remarks regarding God and organised religion. Duterte has done no such thing. Instead, Duterte has revealed that he privately prayed to the God he always claimed to believe in asking for forgiveness if his words […]

There is One Clear Way for The Philippines to Move Forward on Conflicting Constitutional Revision Proposals

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been presented with recommendations from the Consultative Committee (CC) over proposals for much needed constitutional reform. Strangely, Congressional leaders are also now examining the proposals even though it was mandated that the President must have the first clear opportunity to present his revised proposals to […]