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Daesh Terrorists Freed by PKK Are Making Their Way to Europe as Many Westerners Remain Oblivious to The Blood-soaked History of The PKK

PKK/YPG terrorism – from a devious history to a devious present  The US backed YPG/PKK terrorists who make up the bulk of the American proxy force SDF in north-eastern Syria have struck yet another a deal with Daesh wherein hundreds of former captives from the world’s most notorious Takfiri terrorist […]

Iran Owes It To Itself to Vocally Support Turkey’s Regional Battle Against PKK Terrorism

Turkey and Iran face a common PKK/PJAK enemy  Turkey’s anti-PKK operations have expanded into Iraq where Turkish anti-terrorism forces have been targeting PKK headquarters and outposts in the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar as well as in the Qandil Mountains near both the Turkish and Iranian border with Iraq. Turkey’s Foreign […]

Russia And “Israel”: When The “Cover-Up” Is Worse Than The “Crime”

The attempt by a high-ranking and very well-respected Russian diplomat to casually dismiss the claims that his country is in a strategic alliance with “Israel” risks backfiring after an influential journalist at a popular Alt-Media platform assumed that he was speaking in an official capacity, which saw the writer selectively […]

As Russian Ships Sail Into Manila, The Philippines Must Look To Expand a Growing Partnership With Moscow

Goodwill visits from the Russian Navy are becoming an increasingly regular sight in Manila. Previously when Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoygu led a Russian military delegation to The Philippines, he presented President Rodrigo Duterte with a gift of free Russian weapons to help the Philippine fight against Takfiri extremism and […]

Right Wing Trump Administration has Odd Love Affair With Far Left PKK and MEK Terrorists

The expression “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” is a simplistic notion intended to explain the difficulty in putting together genuine international coalitions against terrorism. In reality, any armed group who uses violence as a means of achieving an extra-legal geopolitical or domestic gain should be condemned. This […]

The “Manbij Model” Is Promising, But It’s Still Far From Perfect

The so-called “Manbij Model” that the US and Turkey agreed to in jointly administering the strategic city following the YPG’s withdrawal is promising but nevertheless imperfect because it fails to address the Kurdish-led “deep state” that controls the SDF’s political and military activities in northeastern Syria. The US and Turkey […]