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Andrew Brunson is Symptomatic of The Fact That the US is Running Out of Excuses to Sanction Turkey

Andrew Brunson is described by Washington officials as a Christian pastor who has been arrested, detained and in the process of being tried in Turkey for a crime he “did not commit”. Turkish prosecutors insist that Brunson was engaged in collaboration with FETO, the terrorist organisation responsible for the 2016 […]

PKK Aligned PJAK Commits Terrorist Atrocity Against Iranian Troops – This Heightens Importance of Iran-Turkey Partnership

Iranian troops slaughtered by the PKK’s Iranian branch  Just as Iran and Pakistan share a common enemy in the form of terrorists operating in the Pakistani province of Balochistan and the neighbouring Iranian province of Sistan and Baluchestan, so too do Iran and Turkey share a same cross-border enemy on the other […]