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Syria Has Done More Than Defend Itself: Syria Has Exposed The Big “Israeli” Myth of Invincibility

This morning has marked the biggest ever “Israeli” attack on Syrian sovereignty since the beginning of the Syria conflict in 2011. The events proceeded as follows: –“Israel” shoots down alleged “Iranian” (most likely Iranian made but not Iranian operated) reconnaissance drone over Syrian territory. –Syria targets “Israeli” jets attempting to […]

Duterte Cancels Canadian Helicopter Deal After Rejecting Trudeau Government’s Political Conditions

The government of self-described “feminist” Justin Trudeau expressed opposition to a would-be sale of helicopters to the armed forces of The Philippines after it became clear that they could be used to combat local terrorist groups as well as illegally armed rebel militias. According to the Canadian Trade Ministry, “The president’s […]

Palestine Embraces Multipolarity – Invites China To Broker Multiparty Peace Deal

Patriotic Palestinians have long known that the US had no genuine intentions to neutrally broker a fair peace deal, but under Donald Trump, the silent reality behind America’s pro-Zionist position has become blatant and undeniable, even among the most naive Palestinian politicians. Trump’s recognition of Al-Quds/Jerusalem as the capital of […]