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Iraq’s Participation in The Syrian National Dialogue Congress Puts Arabism Over Sectarianism

Many observers have underestimated the worth of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress, due to a fundamental misunderstanding of its role. The conference which begins on the 29th of January in the Russia city of Sochi, looks to bring representatives of the Syrian Government together with so-called “opposition” factions in the […]

The Emergence of International Terrorist Groups Has A Causal Relationship With Western Wars of Aggression

American and British diplomats thought Saddam Hussein spoke “with great warmth”, was “remarkable” and “pragmatic”. The United States may not have intentionally created ISIS, but the 2003 Iraq invasion laid the foundations for its emergence. Analysts such as Graham Fuller, a former CIA operations officer for 20 years, said the attack […]

Qatar Is In A Position To Author A “win-win” Settlement To The Conflicts in “North and South” Yemen

As of the afternoon of the 28 January, clashes between the UAE backed Southern Transitional Council’s fighters and authorities loyal to the Saudi backed government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi as well as his Prime Minister Ahmed Bin Dagher continue in the de-facto “South Yemen” capital of Aden. While the Saudi/Emirati alliance is […]

BREAKING: Southern Transitional Council Captures Hadi Government Headquarters in Aden

Supporters of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) have taken control of the de-facto South Yemen capital of Aden. It would appear that a successful coup against President Hadi and his increasingly unpopular government has taken place with supporters of formal southern secession overthrowing a Saudi backed government which was committed […]

This Interview Where Bilawal Bhutto Tames a Hostile Indian Reporter Turns Heads In Pakistan

Bilawal Bhutto assumed the Chairmanship of the Pakistan People’s Party at the age of 19 after the assassination of his mother, former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. His period as Chairman of Pakistan’s most prominent progressive party has often been turbulent as he came to the leadership role before being eligible for […]