JFK’s Concealed History

John F. Kennedy’s legacy sees countless streets, buildings and statues emblazoned with his name across first world nations. Such unquestioning glorification has shielded much of the reality from public eyes, while reinforcing elite Western power. The successful results suggest one obvious thing: how remarkably successful propaganda can be, even when […]

While Europe Debates Poland’s Holocaust Law, The US Has Passed Laws Which Censor The Present and Future

Poland and “Israel” are currently butting heads over Warsaw’s new law which forbids the use of the phrase “Polish death camps”, while also criminalising the denial of Ukrainian fascist crimes against humanity during the 1940s. Tel Aviv has slammed the law, as “Israel” preposterously seeks to blame Poland for the […]

Russia Slams “Israeli” Politician For Proposing “Ukrainian Famine” Recognition, While Tel Aviv Slams Warsaw Over Death Camp Bill

The Russian Embassy has criticised proposals by “Israeli” member of Parliament Akram Hasson for proposing legislation which would recognise Kiev’s fake history account of the Soviet Famine of the early 1930s. Beginning in 1932, vast areas of the Soviet Union faced an unprecedented famine caused by unseasonable drought and the difficulties […]