Venezuela’s “El Petro” Has Raised $732 Million As President Maduro Vows to Take On “Superman” – the US Dollar

Venezuela’s new oil backed cryptocurrency has raised over $735 million in less than 24 hours of a public pre-sale. The new cryptocurrency which will be pegged to the South American nation’s vast oil reserves looks to change the game in both the world of US sanctions and the international crypto […]

Malaysian Company Set to Launch Gold-Backed Halal Cryptocurrency

The Malaysian company HelloGold is preparing to launch a new gold-backed cryptocurrency called GOLDX. The new crypto is set to become available for purchase later this year, in Thailand. While the use of cryptocurrencies is becoming hotly debated among world governments, it appears there is also a religions angle. Islamic banking systems […]

Russia’s Popular Telegram Messenger Jumps Into Cryptocurrency Market

Pavel Durov, the Russian entrepreneur behind the VK social media network and Telegram instant messenger and international calling service, has raised $850 to develop his own blockchain network that will serve as the transactional mechanism behind a new Telegram based cryptocurrency. Telegram has already revolutionised the instant messaging world through its […]

A Musical Greeting From Belarusian President’s Son To China On Eve of Spring Festival

On the 16th of February, China will begin celebrations of the Spring Festival, a fifteen day festival commemorating the traditional lunar new year. While world leaders and dignitaries throughout the world are sending fraternal greetings to President Xi Jinping and the Chinese people, the son of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has […]

The US Military Bears Its Share of Responsibility For The Florida School Shooting

In 2010, Wikileaks published a leaked video taken from a US helicopter that showed a 2007 attack on unarmed journalists and their associates in eastern Baghdad. When civilians, including children came to offer the fallen journalists assistance, they too were murdered by the American servicemen in the Apache attack helicopter. […]

Russia’s Latest Investment In Saudi Arabia Continues To Shift Balance of Power In The Middle East Away From US

With little fanfare, Russia and Saudi Arabia have reached an agreement wherein Moscow will invest in the forthcoming IPO of Aramco, the state-owned Saudi energy giant that is about to go public. Early indications are that Russian investors will purchase substantial shares of the 5% of Aramco’s total public value […]