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Turkey is in a Strong Position to Fight and Win The Economic War That Trump Just Made Official

With Donald Trump doubling existing steel and aluminium tariffs against Turkey while decrying the present state of relations between Washington and Ankara, it is clear that Washington’s economic war against Turkey which had raged prior to the 10th of August is now official and being conducted openly. While global markets […]

Duterte is Right in Proposing Lower Tariff Thresholds to Help The Poor and Restrain Corporate Oligarchs

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is working closely with House Speaker (and former President) Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to drastically cut import tariffs on foodstuffs including fish and meat. Meanwhile, Duterte has reiterated his threat to seize rice hoarded by local oligarchs who stand accused of artificially inflating the price of rice, making […]

Top Trends: Hybrid War Balkanization, Trumpism vs. Globalism, Renaissance 2.0

Three of the top worldwide trends that will continue to influence International Relations across the next decade are the threat of Hybrid War Balkanization, the ongoing struggle between Trumpism vs. Globalism, and the prospects of a Renaissance 2.0, with the most likely vision of the future being a blend of […]

A Rejection of Federal-Parliamentary Reforms in The Philippines is a Rejection of National Confidence

A confident nation is able to withstand a great leap into the unknown while a nation aware of its problems but too timid to apply the correct solutions to these problems will see its economic, social and political conditions continue to deteriorate. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s proposed federal reforms and […]