“American Presidents Are Hostages” Says Assad

While being interviewed by the Russia’s NTV channel, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad was asked if he would meet with Trump. He sated,

“Since we started negotiating with the United States in 1974 we never achieved anything, because there is a problem with American presidents and that they are hostages to lobbyist, main corporations, oil companies and weapons manufactures”



The interview comes on the same day the Takfiri terrorists in Daraa’ announced that they have an American made TOW II anti aircraft missiles.

After Donald Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-Un, many have implied that a similarly unexpected summit could take place between the US President and President Al-Assad. However, the Syrian President dismissed such a suggestion saying that no matter what was said during such a meeting, it would not lead to any substantive agreement that the US could relied on to maintain.

Part of the interview can be viewed below.





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