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Russia’s Petro-Politics Can Help Ease Multiple Disputes In The Eastern Mediterranean

Egypt’s relations with Turkey remain at their lowest levels since the 1950s, due to a variety of factors. The most prominent factor was Turkey’s close relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood  regime (illegal in Syria, Egypt, Russia and Saudi Arabia) which briefly ruled Egypt between June of 2012 and July of […]

Supporting A Stable Multipolar Turkey Is Not Excusing Erdogan’s Past, Any More Than Opposing The Iraq War Meant Excusing Saddam’s War on Iran

In 2003, when George W. Bush and Anthony Blair decided to unilaterally defy the world and invade Iraq for the clear purpose of regime change, the Islamic Republic of Iran could have cheered. Iran could have embraced the fact that after suffering a decade long war defending against Saddam’s military […]

America’s Attempts To Provoke A “Security Dilemma” Between Russia And Turkey Are Predicated On Their Pre-Coup Legacy Of Tensions

The US might be trying to engineer a Russian-Turkish “security dilemma” in Syria through pre-coup weapons shipments and the exploitation of lingering demagogic suspicions. Much has been written in the past few days about a speculated fault line developing between Russia and Turkey over “Operation Olive Branch”, with the narrative […]

Body of Russian Martyr, Hero of the Russian Federation Major Filipov Is Returned To Russian Soil

Hero of the Russian Federation, Major Roman Filipov was martyred during man-to-man combat against Al-Qaeda Takfiri terrorists who shot down his Su-25 fighter jet. While he parachuted safely to the ground, he was quickly engaged in a fire fight against multiple terrorists. Major Filipov who has been posthumously awarded Russia’s highest […]

Erdogan Tells US to Leave Manbij in Northern Syria–Vows To Return Area To “True Owners”–Says US “Against” Turkey, Iran and Russia

Thus far, Turkey’s anti-Kurdish YPG Security Operation Olive Branch in northern Syria has focused on regions like Afrin that are not home to a large US troop presence. However, heading east from Afrin, most pockets of Kurdish occupied territory in northern Syria are also occupied by the armed forces of […]