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Dangerous Delusions: Syria Isn’t Going To Liberate Palestine Anytime Soon Nor Is Russia Turning Against “Israel”

A wave of hysteria has swept the Alt-Media Community following Syria’s downing of an “Israeli” jet, but for as much as people want to imagine that Damascus is on the cusp of liberating Palestine and that Moscow has turned against Tel Aviv, believing anything of the sort is nothing more […]

“Israel’s” Anti-Iranian Rhetoric Is Based On The Fantasies of Los Angeles Based “Crown Prince” Reza Pahlavi

For today’s “Israeli” policy makers, Iran is to blame for everything Tel Aviv dislikes. Even when Syria shot down the Zionist regime’s F-16, it was Iran who deceptively received the blame from Tel Aviv. IDF has targeted the Iranian control systems in Syria that sent the #UAV into Israeli airspace. […]

Syria Has Done More Than Defend Itself: Syria Has Exposed The Big “Israeli” Myth of Invincibility

This morning has marked the biggest ever “Israeli” attack on Syrian sovereignty since the beginning of the Syria conflict in 2011. The events proceeded as follows: –“Israel” shoots down alleged “Iranian” (most likely Iranian made but not Iranian operated) reconnaissance drone over Syrian territory. –Syria targets “Israeli” jets attempting to […]