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Tillerson’s Iran Remarks Simply Speak To How Strongly “Israel” Controls The United States

The conflict in Syria has multiple parties. The main parties to the conflict include: –The Syrian Arab Army –The Russian military –The Turkish Army –Multiple Takfiri terrorist groups flying upon many different flags –Takfiri volunteers from the Caucuses –Takfiri volunteers from South Asia –Takfiri volunteers from Europe and North America […]

As Duterte Bans Filipinos From Working In Kuwait, Post-Conflict Syria Is Where Filipinos Can Take Leadership In Rebuilding The Middle East

The Emir of Kuwait has criticised Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision to ban the future employment of Filipino workers in Kuwait, after the deplorable living conditions of Filipinos in the small Persian Gulf state have come to light. The proximate cause for the change of policy from Manila was the […]

Those Who Seek War Between Syria and Turkey, While Remaining Silent About “Israeli” Aggression, Expose Their Own Psychopathy

Cold War Realities While many on both pro-Resistance “alt-media” and pro-Zionist media are busily predicting a new war between Syria and “Israel”, in reality Syria’s successful downing of an aggressive Zionist F-16 was not the opening salvo in a new war, but rather, one of many likely sporadic encounters of […]

Dangerous Delusions: Syria Isn’t Going To Liberate Palestine Anytime Soon Nor Is Russia Turning Against “Israel”

A wave of hysteria has swept the Alt-Media Community following Syria’s downing of an “Israeli” jet, but for as much as people want to imagine that Damascus is on the cusp of liberating Palestine and that Moscow has turned against Tel Aviv, believing anything of the sort is nothing more […]