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Here’s The Real Reason Europe Doesn’t Want To Put Its Home Grown Daesh Members On Trial

The Syrian Arab Army and Iraqi Armed Forces have been making substantial gains against Takfiri terrorist groups, and with Daesh defeated in respect of being anything resembling a military unit, many of the European born terrorists who have illegally entered Syria and Iraq are now stuck in a legal no-man’s […]

Duterte Sends Warm Lunar New Year Greeting To China – Thus Proving The Cynics And Trouble Makers Wrong

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has sent fraternal greetings to the Chinese people and Chinese-Filipinos, thus demonstrating an open minded commitment to multipolarity which will help enhance prosperity and independence for The Philippines. Duterte has said the following in his Chinese New Year greeting, “I join the Chinese-Filipino community in celebrating […]

China Must Never Apologise For Its Peaceful Outreach To The World – It Is Western Powers That Owe The World An Explanation

Chinese diplomat Fu Ying has written a piece in the German Times explaining that China’s outreach to the wider world has nothing to do with the European style imperialism that many have ignorantly claimed a prosperous and powerful China has adopted. Fu’s open letter attempts to counter frequent claims by the […]

Russia Continues To Be Blamed For The Fact That Most Americans Are Too Stupid To Realise The Only Thing Perfect About Their System Is That It’s Perfectly Rigged

Joseph Stalin once said, “Death is the solution to all problems. No man – no problem”. According to this logic, if the US decided to use its nuclear arsenal to destroy Russia, the US wouldn’t have the problems with its “democracy” that it has at present, as all of the […]