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Russia’s Popular Telegram Messenger Jumps Into Cryptocurrency Market

Pavel Durov, the Russian entrepreneur behind the VK social media network and Telegram instant messenger and international calling service, has raised $850 to develop his own blockchain network that will serve as the transactional mechanism behind a new Telegram based cryptocurrency. Telegram has already revolutionised the instant messaging world through its […]

Russia’s Latest Investment In Saudi Arabia Continues To Shift Balance of Power In The Middle East Away From US

With little fanfare, Russia and Saudi Arabia have reached an agreement wherein Moscow will invest in the forthcoming IPO of Aramco, the state-owned Saudi energy giant that is about to go public. Early indications are that Russian investors will purchase substantial shares of the 5% of Aramco’s total public value […]

Chechen Republic Leader Ramzan Kadyrov Supports Cryptocurrencies

With nations as diverse as India, South Korea, China Germany, France and the US have publicly expressed their worries over the increased popularity of cryptocurrencies (including the prominent Bitcoin), others including Venezuela, Russia and Iran have expressed their desire to enter the market of state sanctioned cryptocurrencies whose transactions are […]

Crypto-Cold War: Have New Cryptocurrency Regulations Contributed To The US Stock Market Plunge?

On the 2nd and 5th of February, major financial institutions announced that they will actively prohibit the purchase of cryptocurrencies including the industry leading Bitcoin, using their bank issued credit cards. J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup from the US as well as the UK’s Lloyds Banking Group and […]

George Soros Attacks Cryptocurrencies During Incoherent Rant

Billionaire currency manipulator and global political meddling mogul George Soros has delivered an attack on Cryptocurrencies that has thus far slipped under the radar due to his more widely reported statements about Donald Trump and his rambling yet evasive criticism of social media. During remarks made at the World Economic […]