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Turkey Swaps Syrian Ambitions for an Iraqi Partnership as Operation Olive Branch Nears Completion

Turkish troops are just a few kilometres away from Afrin city centre and with little meaningful resistance, it appears as though Turkey will soon surround the city, thus representing a genuine ‘mission accomplished’ moment for Turkey vis-a-vis its aim of neutralising the YPG/PKK in the region. While President Erdogan has […]

4 Things Rodrigo Duterte Did to Make The Philippines the World’s Top Investment Destination

A recent survey from US News and World Report tabulated the top countries to invest in in 2018. The survey relied on statistics from the World Bank in conjunction with criteria develop by Donald Trump’s alma-mater, the Wharton School of business, as well as Y&R’s BAV Group. The results demonstrate that South […]

Italian Politics Has Not Changed – European Media Has Just Become More Hysterical

Ever since Silvio Berlusconi first became Italian Prime Minister in 1994, Italian governments have tended to undulate between Berlusconi led coalitions which include a combination centre-right pro-business parties and various right-wing and some would say even far-right parties including the separatist Lega Nord. Berlusconi’s main electoral achievement has been his ability to consistently […]