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The Only Thing Preventing Further Sustainable Economic Growth in The Philippines is The 1987 Constitution

One knows that the economy of The Philippines is doing well when even those attempting to write an anti-Duterte/anti-Philippines news item end up listing President Rodrigo Duterte’s major economic achievements. In an attempted hit-piece in the European magazine Money Weekly, an individual known as Marina Gerner actually wrote about Duterte’s […]

Duterte’s Vow to Protect Filipino Hostages in Libya Indicates That Piracy, Narco-Trafficking and Terrorism Should be The Focus of The Armed Forces

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte recently approved a military budget increase which will see a 9% rise in funding for the armed forces over a five year period. Duterte will spend a total of $15 billion on new military hardware, which compares favourably to his predecessor Noynoy Aquino who spent only $1.9 […]

Turkey’s Vital Lessons For Pakistan

Turkey’s largely developed and currently growing economy contrasts sharply like that of Pakistan while the human development gap in Pakistan also remains high while in Turkey it is relatively low. However, from a perspective of handling various crises which have recently emerged, Turkey has been dealing with many of the […]

Russia and China Can Play a Win-Win Game of “Good Cop/Bad Cop” in South Africa’s Land Re-Distribution Process

From The Cape of Good Hope to Crimea  Reports have emerged suggesting that Russia’s Crimean peninsula is now being considered as a preferred location for white South African farmers to set up their trade amid Pretoria’s recently adopted changes to the South African Constitution which will allow white owned farmland […]